Using Office 365 Video

I created this video for a recent “Teach Meet” at my College. I had intended to present on Office 365 Video, but then couldn’t make the event due to another commitment. Instead, I recorded my presentation using Microsoft Office Mix, a free extension to PowerPoint, and uploaded it to Office 365 Video. I was then able to give my presentation virtually without actually being in the room. Awesome!

Office 365 Video is set to become an essential part of the VLE we are building at The City of Leicester College within Office 365 SharePoint. This video explains Office 365 Video and suggests how we can use it within school, within our classrooms, and independently .

The City of Leicester College are creating channels to store copyright content to share with our students, and also as a repository of our own created material. Students can also upload their own creations to Office 365 video directly from their iPads, using the “Office 365 Video for iPhone” App.

3 thoughts on “Using Office 365 Video

  1. Thanks for the video. Do you have any tips on the ability for pupils to comment on videos posted in 365 video? This is part of the specification for higher performance at level 3 Media Studies, so would be a really useful feature to enable, but I don’t want this with all video channels/users at present. Any ideas how this might work?


  2. There are two different options for the social experience within SharePoint. You can either use “Newsfeed” or “Yammer”. Newsfeed is the inbuilt tool, and is currently turned on by default. Whilst Yammer is an external service, it seems that Microsoft are slowly integrating it more and more into SharePoint with the view to eventually replacing Newsfeed.

    Yammer has more features, and if you have enabled this as your social experience, you can then choose to turn on yammer feed for each channel separately within “Channel Settings”.

    You can switch between Newsfeed and Yammer within the SharePoint Admin panel. If Capita are managing your tenancy, I doubt they will have entrusted you with sufficient privileges for you to do this yourself, so you will probably need to request this change through them. [I requested this for our College a couple of weeks back, but we are still waiting for this to be actioned, so I cant give you any examples yet of what it looks like].

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