AFL with Activ Vote/Expressions (Promethean)

Over the past half term we trailed a new set of Promethean Activ Votes/Expressions. We evaluated the use of the voting/assessing system along side existing apps we use via the iPads and  BYOD.

Below we came to the following consensus…

  • They look slick and are nice to use with a qwerty keyboard.
  • Once the questions are written they can be re-used easily.
  • It’s a nice touch that you can personalise the devices to each students name.
  • The students LOVED using them. They were very excited!
  • Instant results per question for students and the teacher.
  • Feedback can be provided before the next question is asked on the device.
  • Easy to use software with a bank of resources (especially for core subjects like English, Maths and Science).
  • A morning of CPD was provided showing us how to use the software.
  • Free trail of 4 weeks was extended to 6 weeks – with an option to buy the kit.


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