Twitter for Revision

Last summer various subjects used twitter as an extra learning tool to help students with revision during the build up to exams.

The presentation attached shows how we did this at Rushey Mead Academy. This was also presented during our Teach Meet at Rushey Mead Academy held on 26th October 2016.

Click here for the presentation


BYOD has built up momentum since last academic year. We have started this year continuing and improving the use of BYOD in lesson for learning. We have some great examples from a range of subjects and you can see them live and keep up to date by clicking #DigitalRushey

AFL with Activ Vote/Expressions (Promethean)

Over the past half term we trailed a new set of Promethean Activ Votes/Expressions. We evaluated the use of the voting/assessing system along side existing apps we use via the iPads and  BYOD.

Below we came to the following consensus…

  • They look slick and are nice to use with a qwerty keyboard.
  • Once the questions are written they can be re-used easily.
  • It’s a nice touch that you can personalise the devices to each students name.
  • The students LOVED using them. They were very excited!
  • Instant results per question for students and the teacher.
  • Feedback can be provided before the next question is asked on the device.
  • Easy to use software with a bank of resources (especially for core subjects like English, Maths and Science).
  • A morning of CPD was provided showing us how to use the software.
  • Free trail of 4 weeks was extended to 6 weeks – with an option to buy the kit.


Teaching and Learning Tweeting @RMA

The Teaching and Learning team established a Twitter feed this time last year to share best practice and seek new and interesting articles and pedagogical developments.  We now have almost 260 followers and regularly re-tweet best practice and exciting snapshots from faculties across the school.  Tweeting has proven to be a great way to engage with students, parents/carers and other schools, as well as providing us with a new and varied source of research for our professional development.  We continue to publish tweets under our own hashtag #rmt&l, and this year our new hashtag #digitalrushey has been regularly trending with lots of photos of digital learning taking place across the school.


Show My Homework – To extend engagement with digital learning across the school

This is a commercial platform which will allow teachers, students and parents/carers easier access to homework. There is a proven link between the amount and quality of homework a student completes and their future success in life. We want our students to have access to high quality homework and feedback, and allow our parents/carers to monitor their children’s learning. All the students will be given individual login details this term and all parents/carers will be sent details of how they can access this information.

Some of the fantastic features of Show My Homework is the built in assessment tools such as Quizzes and Spelling Tests.

Improving the use of our school’s VLE – Fronter

We are now at Rushey Mead awaiting confirmation as a Silver Award ‘Fronter Champion School’ for another year.  There are potentially exciting developments with Fronter to support teaching and learning and assessment that Kitesh, Ashley and Pritesh are currently investigating.

We are headed to the Fronter/It’s Learning annual conference on the 1st July.

#DigitalRushey – Across the school @RMA


The RM Music Scholarship program is underway with a current year 7 form. We shall be tracking their progress during RMA using twitter and the the Creative Arts Blog


During the last term we held a debate for HA Year 8 and 9 students. It was a massive success with some interesting points and issues raised by the student body. The debate was made digital via Twitter with interactions from staff and students.

#DigitalRushey – Update

Using #DigitalRushey we as a school are continuing to use digital learning to improve teaching and learning and AFL.

Over the past few months more and more faculties have been using twitter to help KS4 students revise for exams. In GCSE Computing and ICT Cambridge Nationals we have used the #CNRev and #CompRev to run twilight revision sessions the night before the exams.

English, Maths and History have also taken to twitter to help students revise by tweeting tweets, blogging and posting resources via twitter.

Assessment and Feedback @RMA

Assessment & Feedback
Assessment & Feedback

We are about to undertake a year long project focused around assessment and feedback using digital learning.

The main focus will be how we can use iPads and BYOD to assess students in and out of lessons. We will be using a range of methods such as QR Codes, App (Socrative and Quizlet) as well as discovering new ways with the school.

We have set up a dedicated team with one member of each faculty as a Digital Champion to help focus and support individual faculties to raise to help train and support Digital Learning across the school.

We shall be promoting the progress along with other digital learning through #DigitalRushey via Twitter. Please feel free to click on the link to see our progress so far.

At Rushey Mead Academy every faculty uses a Twitter account and we have developed and produced a policy within school that works and allows us to optimise the learning that can be achieved by twitter. As part of the digilit network I would be happy to share how we got to this stage.

Kitesh Mistry

Lead Teacher : Digital Learning.